Thursday, 14 October 2010

MA Project (s)

Been a busy old month;

I've been redrafting a recent TV pilot after it attracted some interest from a producer. It's been sent off now so am waiting to hear how it is received.

I'm now quite far on with my final two scripted projects for my MA. As well as numerous essays and case studies I have to produce two TV pilots in the next year:

A 30 minute drama due in April 2011
A 60 minute TV pilot with a Series Bible due in August 2011

I have the 30 minute project reasonably well plotted but am focusing on the 60 minute one until Christmas as part of a small tutorial class. Most of my classmates are working on feature films but I'm more interested in pursuing TV openings at the moment so am working to that end. From January to April I'll switch to the 30 minute script before coming back to the 60 minute pilot over the summer.

It's going to be a full on year but one that I'm really up for. Both projects are ideas I'm passionate about so they are worth all the hard work. Best get back to scripting!