Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

June has flown by - extra busyness at my day job and several script deadlines saw to that (also a very fun wedding and an AWESOME Bon Jovi gig - so it's not all been work!)

The first draft proper of my MA project was a few days slower in coming than I'd have liked - just the intricacies of writing a 2 part thriller tripping me up a bit. Still, it was good milestone to reach (when it came) and I now have a good basis to work from.

Since then I've been taking a slight pause - still working but at a slower pace; finishing a pitch for a new TV show (a real world pitch at that!) and working on a treatment for part #2 of my project - giving myself a pseudo-break to allow myself time to see this project with fresh eyes and gather feedback.

I have a couple of meetings this weekend where I'll get some reactions to draft one. From then on its a race to the finish line and my August 12th final hand in date. I'm back on schedule with the timeline I've set myself but these next six or so weeks will be hard - this project is more ambitious than anything I've attempted before; not just professionally but personally in terms of how much of myself I'm putting into the story. I'm proud not to have taken an easy option and chosen to do something that will push me but it means I'm going to be living this 24/7 for July and into August if I'm to get it done...

Which sounds bleak - but there is something massively cathartic about being so focused on getting an idea out of your head and into the world - especially an idea that is so close to your heart and which has been cooking inside you for 5 years. It might be a tough old slog but its joyous to be so close to finishing something you've lived with for so long.

Ask me if I still feel that way in a few weeks... *deep breath*... Here goes...