Saturday, 20 August 2011

After the End

... and breathe!

Yesterday saw me hand in my final assignment for my screenwriting MA. Two years of juggling study with a full time job are over - I'm pretty exhausted. I expected yesterday to come with a wave of elation but it didn't really hit home until about midnight - I made it! If I never write another essay in my life I'll shed no tears!

Tomorrow work starts on my next project but today is a day for taking stock. Sleep deprivation aside, the MA was a fantastic experience - a good mix of script writing assignments, academic theory and industry workshops. My writing has improved from doing the course but so has my stamina and ability to deliver multiple projects on time - which are vital skills for anyone wanting to be a screenwriter. My understanding of the film and TV industry has come on leaps and bounds and the course has given me the confidence to get myself out into the world and start trying to find work (there have been a few developments in this area but more about them in a future blog).

I've added my major project - which is the most significant component of the MA - to my CV page. It's called The Youth Movement and it' s a 2x75 minute TV drama - of which I wrote part one and did a treatment for part two. It is a dystopian thriller set in a future UK devastated by global warming. It's the most ambitious piece I've written so far, in length but also in scale and theme. It's a project I want to continue to develop and refine once I get feedback from my tutors but I am pleased with how it currently stands. I gave it my all and I think that shows.

August 2011 seemed a very long way off back in September '09 when I started out on the course. I've grown a lot since then and want to keep that up - learning and getting better as I begin to work out in the real world. Here goes...