Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Progress Report

October has flown by but my current projects are progressing well.

The first half of the month was spent doing a lot of plotting work, while the second has been given over to two essays for the Business module on my MA. A couple more days on those and then I'm free to give the rest of November and December over purely to scripting work. Can't wait!

My initial outline for my major MA project was well received. Story world, plot and characters seem in good shape, just needing defined now. Biggest suggested change by my tutor was about reshaping the structure. Instead of the pilot episode of a 6 x 60 min serial, I am now writing episode 1 of a 2 x 90 min drama. This shape fits my story better and has ironed out a few kinks in the plot. Now have to deliver a treatment by 13th of Dec - should be doable!

Also - my radio drama is proceeding. Got some very helpful feedback from the producer who is developing it with me. My initial pitch was a little too sprawling so am currently honing the story to better focus on the core relationships. I need to deliver a new synopsis but the 30th of Nov so will be cracking on with that as soon as these essays are done.

All very busy but enjoying producing new work - best get back to it!