Sunday, 31 July 2011

In Conversation

I've under two weeks until my final MA project is due. August 2011 seemed ridiculously far off when I started back in September 2009 but now its bearing down upon me. Time flies when you're having fun (and too busy to eat or sleep).

Work on it is going OK – I got my third draft done last week but still have to write up a treatment and do a polish on the script. It's been a tough old process and I don't think I could have worked any harder than I have – I've really given it my all. It's difficult when this close to something to be objective but I like it at least.

Something I've learnt from this process is the power of conversation in helping a writer work through their story. On this project I've really enjoyed chatting with friends and mentors about various drafts and working though their issues with the script. I've discovered I respond really well to conversations – that they instantly spark great solutions where I'd previously been stuck. Even in disagreeing with someones critique, new ideas seem to take shape easier for me than when I'm just sat at home on my own.

As part of these conversations I've been embracing the art of listening to suggestions. Good scripting is as much about editing and assembling ideas as it is about generating material. The funniest line in my new script was suggested by a friend. My ego doesn't like this fact but I'm OK with it – it was my choice to include it and the script is better as a result. Writing is about making creative choices and the more we have available to us the better.

Next week will see me have the final few conversations before my hand in – am looking forward to what ideas get thrown up which get this script to the stage when I can let it go (and get some rest!).