Friday, 22 February 2013

Cloud Atlas

So I'm heading to the cinema tonight to see a film that I wrote part of! Ok, so it's a small part but all the same am pretty stoked...

The big budget adaptation of Cloud Atlas is released in the UK today. Part of it was filmed in Scotland back in 2011 and the filmmakers put out a shout for local writers and directors to submit ideas for extra scenes they wanted to include in the movie. I came up with an idea for my pal Anita to make, which she pitched to the director Tom Tykwer (who made the film alongside The Wachowski's). He loved it and gave us a budget to go and shoot the 60 second scene. We had a hoot pulling it together and were stoked to learn it was accepted for the movie.

Here's a screen cap of our clip (top left corner).

And here's one of my name in the credits.

Was great to work on such a high profile production and to have a director like Tom run with our idea. Am so proud of the crew that helped us achieve the scene. I've yet to see the finished film so can't wait to see all our work on the big screen this evening!

(Thanks to Duncan Cowles for the screen caps)