Friday, 13 September 2013

In Between Days...

Hey folks,

Sorry for another long blog silence -

Given the nature of film and TV production, I've perhaps been too quick in the past to share about all that I'm involved with - only for things to get cancelled / deals to fall apart before projects can get off the ground (which is a regular occurrence in this world!). So... I'm being a bit more cautious and keeping schtum for now about exactly what I'm doing but hope to be able to blog about my current work once it's all further along. 

But in the vaguest terms: I've had try outs for two BBC continuing dramas - one of which is still ongoing and one of which has led to a commission on the show. Things are yet to be signed but am due to start later in the autumn. I'm planning to blog about the process of going through a trial for TV once I'm done with them both.

I'm also developing a low budget feature film and a new TV series for a couple of producers - which is exciting. Both are long cherished ideas so it's fun to be able to run with them.

Anyway - just wanted to check in and say hi!


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